Dieting Tips

The 3 Week Diet

Research has proven that exercise, diet and weight loss are three connected entities. Less of either will result in not desired results. A Dietetics and Nutrition spokesperson once said that when it comes to weight loss, exercise outweighs diet as for you to change your composition of the body you have to make changes to your diet. Therefore, with weight loss, the key factor to consider is your diet. Exercising while still taking in unhealthy diet with extra calories will take you back to the initial state. For you to change your lifestyle to a healthy one, you begin by changing your mindset. Everybody wants to keep fit but with the much advice which is being offered everywhere it becomes hard to determine which tips are really working. Below are some of the key dieting tips to put into consideration.
Take much water
At times you may think you are hungry but you are thirsty. Therefore, at such moments someone will end up taking extra calories while in actual sense its only water which you needed. Be it you are going for a boot camp, spinning class or any other form of exercise, ensure you hydrate yourself so as it to remain energized and get the nest from the workout.
Avoid skipping breakfast
Not having breakfast wont aid in losing weight. When you miss breakfast, you eventually end up missing on some essential nutrients hence end up catching snacks during the day since you are hungry. Also ensure to take healthy breakfast.
Regular meals
When you keep a regular intake of meals throughout your day calories are burnt faster. This also prevents you from the temptation of snacking on high fat foods as well as sugary things.
Exercising keeps you active and being active works perfectly in losing weight. Exercise also provides many health benefits and it’s capable of burning off calories in excess which cannot miss in your diet. Look for an exercise activity which matches your daily routine.
Avoid alcohol
Alcohol contains quite higher amounts of calories. A single wine glass may contain the same amount of calories as a chocolate piece. Continuous intake of alcohol therefore may lead to uncontrollable weight gain.
Mindful eating
This simply implies paying attention. Instead of taking food mindlessly, filling your mouth unconsciously or not even tasking the food you are in-taking. With mindful eating, you notice your sensations, feelings and thoughts. Some of the things you lean to be alert on include:

Why do you feel like taking food and what needs or emotions are behind the trigger?
Is what you are eating healthy?
The feel, taste, smell and look of the food you are consuming.
How does the food you just took make you feel during the day and as it gets digested?
The source of the food you are taking. Was it grown organically or how much of processing did it undergo?

Eating mindfully is not a simple skill which you will get overnight and maintain it. At times you will find yourself craving for those unhealthy foods and eating unmindfully. All you need is attention and practice for you to become good at mindful eating. Mindful eating can result in weight loss without much struggle.

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